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Information regarding proposed studies

- Choice of student exchange program

From the drop-down menu, select the student exchange program in which you would like to participate. You must select an exchange program in order to have access to the choice of host institutions.

- Choice of up to three host institutions

You can choose a maximum of three host institutions. At the outset, each drop-down menu lists all the institutions that participate in the student exchange program you have selected. Once you select a host institution, the other menus will be updated to exclude the previously chosen institution or institutions.

If only one institution is participating in the exchange program selected, choices 2 and 3 will obviously not be available.

- Proposed term

Indicate the term you are applying for based on academic year at Québec institutions.

- Level and field of study of proposed program

If you have to change the proposed program of study, selecting a level of study (bachelor, master or doctorate) will update the dropdown menus for identifying the code and name of your program of study to narrow down the possible choices.

Similarly, when you select a field of study, the dropdown menus for the code and name of your proposed program of study will only contain the corresponding programs of study.

- Code and name of proposed program of study

By default, the code and name of your current program of study will be displayed. If your proposed studies are in a program in another level of study, you must indicate the code or name of this program.

You will notice that these menus are dynamically linked. So, if you have to change the proposed content, you only have to change one of these fields.

- To the question: “Occasionally, BCI asks participants to promote Student Exchange Programs. Would you be willing to do that, if we requested your services?”

You must answer “Yes” or “No”.

- Confirming information regarding proposed studies

When you have completed the page, click on the button. If all the information entered is valid, the “Preview of application” page will be displayed. However, if the information entered on the page contains errors, the system will let you know.


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