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Identification Information

-  Identification

Enter your surname, given name and the date of birth on your birth certificate and click on “Female” or “Male”.

-  Country of citizenship

If your country of citizenship differs from the country displayed on the screen, select the correct country.

-  City and country of birth

Enter the city and select the country where you were born.

-  Father’s and mother’s surnames and given names

Enter the surnames and given names of your father and mother as shown on their birth certificates. This information is requested for the purpose of obtaining a permanent code from the Québec department of education (Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, MES).

- Confirm identification information

When you have completed the page, click on the button. If all the information entered is correct, the “Student’s Contact Information” page will be displayed. If there are errors, however, the system will tell you what they are.


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