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Information Regarding Current Studies

-  Home institution

The institution displayed on the screen is your home institution.

-  Student number at your home institution

Enter the student number assigned to you by your home institution. Do not confuse this information with any other student number that you may have.

-  Other student number

Enter another student number if one has been assigned to you. Do not confuse this information with the student number assigned by your home institution.

- Current degree

Select the degree you are working towards at your home institution.

-  Field of study

If you specify the general field of study, the pull-down menu to identify the current discipline will be updated to restrict the possible choices.

-  Current discipline

Select the discipline closest to the study program in which you are registered at your home institution.

- Proposed degree

Select the degree towards which the course you plan to take at the host institution will be credited at your home institution.

- Confirm information regarding current studies

When you have completed the page, click on the button. If all the information entered is valid, the “Information Regarding Proposed Studies” page will be displayed. If there are errors, however, the system will tell you what they are.


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