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Information Regarding Proposed Studies

On this page, you may select up to three host institutions, in decreasing order of priority.

IMPORTANT - Please note that some host institutions will not accept any student for whom they are the second or third choice. Consequently, these institutions will not appear on the list of second and third choices on the online form.

- Select up to 3 host institutions

You must select one host institution. When you select a host institution the pull-down menus for the proposed term, level and field of study, program code and study program name will be updated to display the programs offered at the institution selected.

- Level of study and Field of study

When you select the level (undergraduate, master’s or doctorate), the pull-down menus for the code and name of the proposed study program in Québec will be updated to restrict the information based on your choice.

Similarly, if you select a field of study, the pull-down menus for the code and name of the proposed study program in Quebec will only contain the relevant study programs.

- Code and name of the proposed study program in Québec

Enter either the code or name of the proposed study program in Québec. Because of the dynamic links between these menus, you only have to enter your selection in one of these boxes.

- Proposed term

Enter the term for which you are applying, based on the academic year at Québec institutions.

- Select another host institution

On the same page, you can select a second and even a third host institution, if you wish.

- Confirm information regarding proposed studies

When you have completed the page, click on the button. If all the information entered is valid, the “Preview Your Application” page will be displayed. However, if there are errors in the information entered, the system will tell you what they are.


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