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Printing the application

Once you have confirmed all of the data on the “Preview your Application” page, your application will be displayed on the screen.

You must:

  • print your application, preferably double-sided, by using the “Print” function on your browser;
  • sign it;
  • include it with all the other documents;
  • drop it off at the office of the coordinator at your home institution.

If you cannot print out your application from the computer station you are using or the quality of the printing is not satisfactory, you can re-access your application by going to the BCI Quebec Exchange Program web site, scrolling down and clicking on "4" of "A simple four-step process" section. Re-enter your surname, given name and access code, exactly as you entered them before, and you will be able to display and print your application.

If you are unable to print out your application, please contact the coordinator at your home institution.


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