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Request Access Codes

To enable your students to fill out their online application form for the Student Exchange Program, you must give them an access code.

To request access codes, click on the “Request” link to display the access code allocation page which will show you:
- the number of access codes already allocated
- the number of access codes being used.

Enter the number of additional codes that you wish to receive (maximum of 100 per request) and click on to obtain the list of access codes you requested. Print and keep this list so that you can give a unique code to each eligible student. This list will also be sent to you by e-mail.


Access codes are generated for a specific administration year and therefore cannot be used for a different year.

List of active access codes

If a student loses his access code or if you need to work on the student’s form, you can display the list of active access codes for which the student’s surname and given name were recorded in the system when the online form was accessed. Click on “List” to display the selection page.

To search for an access code, enter the first part of the code or application number (number generated by the system, displayed in the top right corner of the application) to obtain, in sequential order, the list of access codes that match the code entered. If you enter zero, all the access codes will be displayed, in sequential order.

You can also search for an access code with the student’s surname or given name. Enter the first letters of the student’s surname or given name to obtain a list in alphabetical order, based on the name you entered. If you enter an asterisk “*”, all students will be listed in alphabetical order.

If the system cannot find any files, it will tell you.

Click on the student’s name to display the “Follow-up on Student’s Application” page for this student.


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