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Application Processing

You may choose to process your students’ applications in batches by clicking on the “Validation, authorization and follow-up” link or process individual applications with the “by file” link.

Batch processing

If you choose to process applications in batches, a menu will be displayed showing the status of all your files. You can limit the display by selecting, in the following order:

  1. a Québec host institution
  2. a term
  3. a general field of study at the home institution
  4. a specific discipline at the home institution.

Each of these pull-down menus contains only the values found for all the applications submitted for the administration year being processed.

The menu contains all the applications based on their file status and the number of applicants that satisfy the criteria you previously entered:

  • applications to be completed by the student are applications that students have started but not yet completed; the advisor may reject one of these applications so that it will be included with the rejected applications
  • applications rejected by the advisor are the applications completed and confirmed by students that the advisor has not authorized or applications that students started but did not finish and the advisor rejected them
  • applications to be validated and authorized by the advisor are applications that the advisor needs either to reject or authorize so that they will be sent to the first choice host institution for review; the advisor should authorize the application when the complete file is ready to send to the first host institution because in the “follow-up” system, the authorization date is considered to be the date the file is transferred
  • applications being processed are applications that need to be processed by the host institution or those that are waiting for the student to register:
    • under review means applications for which the host institution has not yet rendered a decision
    • accepted means applications that are awaiting the student’s decision after the host institution has offered to admit him.
  • applications processed are applications that have already been processed by the host institutions; their status is:
    • registered when an admitted student has registered at the host institution
    • final refusal when a student was refused after his application was reviewed by all the host institutions indicated on the application form
    • withdrawals
      • withdrew before admission when the student withdrew his application while the file was being reviewed
      • withdrew after admission when the student withdrew his application after being admitted and did not register
      • withdrew after refusal when the student withdrew his application after being refused and does not wish his file to be sent to the next choice
    • dropped out when a registered student dropped out after beginning his study program at the host institution.

You can select applications on the basis of their file status. You can also choose to sort the list by surname, home student number, or application number (number generated by the system and displayed in the top right corner of the application or on the list displayed after file selection). You can refine your search by entering at least the first letter of the surname to display the applicants who match what you entered. The same principle applies to the student number and application number.

Once you have entered your selection criteria, click on the button to display the list of files.

If you selected a number of files to display, each page of the list will be limited to the number of files requested. Click on the button to display the next page.

The button will take you back to the selection menu.

Processing by file

If you want to process a specific file, in the appropriate box, enter the first letters of the surname or given name, the home student number or the application number (number generated by the system and displayed in the top left corner of the application or on the list displayed after file selection). All files for which the student’s surname or given name begins with what you entered or the file with the student number or application number will be displayed

If you enter an asterisk “*” in the name box, the system will display all applicants for that administration year. If the system does not find any files, it will tell you.


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