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Applications to Validate and Authorize

You must validate and authorize each of the applications completed by your students.

Select “Applications to validate and authorize” and click on for the list of applications you need to validate.

Click on the student’s name to validate and authorize his application. Then make sure that all the information on the form matches the student’s file. If necessary, correct and authorize or reject the application.


You must authorize the application so that the status will become “Under review” and the file will be made accessible to the first choice host institution.

You should authorize the application when you are ready to transfer the complete file to the first host institution because, in the “follow-up” system page, the authorization date is considered to be the file transfer date.

Send ONLY the complete file to the student’s first choice.

To authorize the application, check the “Authorized” decision and then click on the button.

If you reject the application, it will no longer be accessible and will appear in the selection menu among the “Applications submitted” “Rejected by advisor”.

If you confirm the information without rendering a decision, the changes, if any, will be saved. If you check “yes” under “Print”, you can reprint the corrected application and have the student sign it.

After you render your decision, the student may disappear from the list displayed, depending on what selection you made. For example, if you selected “Applications to validate and authorize”, as soon as you authorize an application, it will disappear from the list because the file no longer matches the selection criteria. On the other hand, if you selected “All applications”, the file status will change to “under review” and the application will remain in the list, displayed in bold face.


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