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Completing the Form

This function allows the advisor to complete the application form for the student, particularly when the student does not have access to the Internet, or to complete a late application when the student can no longer access the form.

Before beginning data entry, you must have generated an access code for the student. When you click on “Data entry”, enter the student’s surname, given name and access code as if you were the student, then you will be able to fill in the pages of the form. You can print the student’s application once the form is entirely completed.

If you enter the student’s surname, given name and access code again, you can display his application and reprint it, if necessary.

Remember to have the student sign the application form.

For your information

A student who has already completed and confirmed his application can follow the same steps to reprint it himself. The two pages are available to him until the application has been authorized by the advisor. On the BCI Student Exchange Program site, he can click on the “I am enrolled at a partner institution / abroad” link. On the “Submitting my request for participation” tab, click on “Filling out my participation request form” link. He must enter his surname, given name and access code and the system will allow him to display his application and print it if he wishes.


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