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Print the Application

This function allows the advisor to print the application that has been completed and confirmed by the student. It may be useful if the student is unable to print his application or if the print quality is not good enough.

When you click on “Print”, you must enter part of the applicant’s surname or given name or the application number (number generated by the system and displayed in the top right corner of the application or on a list displayed after file selection).

If you enter an asterisk “*” in the search field, the system will display all the applicants for that administration year.

Click on the student’s name to display his application. You can then print it with your browser’s “Print” button.

If the application is “to be completed” or “rejected” the system will only display the first page of the application so that you can complete it. In all other cases, you will be able to print the student’s complete application, preferably double-sided printing.

Remember to have the student sign the application form.


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